Public Safety

Keeping the city safe from crime and wildfires is critical to keeping citizens safe, property values high, homeowner’s insurance accessible and affordable and protecting the high quality of life we have here in Laguna Niguel.

I am endorsed by the Orange County Professional Firefighters. We must ensure that we protect life and property from wildfire. We can do this together by keeping our defensible spaces, canyons and open spaces clear of dead brush, overgrowth and non-drought tolerant plants. I also urge all homeowners to have a home assessment by the OCFA. There is more work to be done with fire safety in Laguna Niguel and I’ll make sure that this is my #1 priority.

I support a fully funded police force. I pledge to keep Laguna Niguel one of the safest cities in the state. My journey to elected office started when I was concerned with a public safety issue and I have a solid track record supporting police safety throughout my lifelong service. In 2011, I served as the President of the Laguna Niguel Citizen’s Academy through the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Read the June 13 Orange County Register article highlighting my work on making sure the AlertOC system works well in an emergency HERE.

I have an E-bike and love it, but we need to make sure our kids don’t get hurt (especially near Niguel Hills Middle School) and pedestrians can still enjoy walking in their neighborhood. Listen to my public comments as a starting point when thinking about how we can improve E-bike safety in Laguna Niguel. I’m open to your ideas on how we can improve E-bike safety in the city.

Fiscally Strong

I support a no debt policy for the city and the current reserve policy (50% of operating budget). I understand this policy, because I ran on and supported a no debt policy after serving on my former city council. I learned how to make hard decisions during the Great Recession. With less property tax revenue we were still able to protect the quality of life, improve our police and fire services and keep other services residents held dear. I look forward to bringing those skills of fiscal responsibility to the Laguna Niguel City Council.

The City of Laguna Niguel has $9.4M in unfunded pension liability. We should begin to pay this down more aggressively and we have the reserves to do it. When a public entity pays down it’s pension liability, it saves on pension costs and ultimately saves money for the taxpayer.

We must go back to the practice of going line by line on the budget in an annual budget workshop. When you go line by line you achieve true transparency on all budget items and the public gets to see where Council Members truly stand on many issues.


We must keep our town the charming place it has always been and the residents should be in charge of what the future looks like, that is why my campaign is not accepting donations from apartment builders or other developers. I believe in renewing and invigorating certain areas of town through redevelopment. However, no development in Laguna Niguel should be at the cost of our park-like atmosphere.  Development has to make sense and provide community benefits to our residents without clogging our streets with excessive traffic. I am passionate about bringing projects that provide for a work, live, play atmosphere highlighting walking trails and park space. I am not in support of quick developments that look unsightly and cause traffic problems. Good projects increase our home values and quality of life and bad projects can do the opposite. Please see my comments on the City Center, which I support, below.

Protect Our Open Spaces

Our open spaces and trails in Laguna Niguel are a key part of the charm of our city. I will always protect our open spaces from development. After 12 years of living in Laguna Niguel, I am still exploring our wonderful trails!

Build Back Our Small Businesses

It’s imperative that we put our small businesses at the forefront of many things we do at city hall. We all want to live in a thriving community with great conveniences and fabulous restaurants. Our restaurants and many service industries have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and we need to continue to support the needs of small business.

City Center

All developments, large and small, should have the input of residents so that residents and developers can work together to build something that is agreeable to both stakeholders. I support the Laguna Niguel City Center development for the following reasons: 

1. Creates a much-needed central gathering place for our community. 

2. The developer has given the Friends of the Library their wish list (and more!) 

3. It will have a positive ripple effect on the surrounding shopping centers, attracting various types of businesses for our residents to patronize.

4. The project has over 1 acre of green space.

5. The developer has promised LEED-certified buildings.

Sober Living Homes

It’s clear, Laguna Niguel residents value their homes and the safe environment in which we live. I will continue to be an advocate for our neighborhoods when sober living homes become a threat to both the community and the patients in these facilities. 

Stephanie's City Council Statements


City Workers


AlertOC Failures


Sober Living

“I’m supporting Stephanie Oddo because I know her record of support for public safety. She cares about our families, our quality of life and will work hard everyday to serve our community.”

- Joe Davis, Laguna Niguel First Chief of Police Services