April Newsletter

April 2022– 

Happy Easter/Passover to those who celebrate!

Teenage mental health is at a crisis point in our community.  Aliso Niguel High School families can utilize the Wellness and Prevention Center, now open in its own trailer behind the new science building on campus, free of charge. To learn more go to: 

CITY CENTER UPDATE The City Center project will be located next to city hall on the adjacent county property. The first public hearing on the updated project will be at the May 24 Planning Commission Meeting. The City Center’s Environmental Impact Report is available for public review and comment at www.cityoflagunaniguel.org/CityCenterDEIR. If you wish to submit comments on the DEIR, please submit them in writing no later than April 29, 2022 at 5:00 PM to the attention of John Morgan via email to jmorgan@cityoflagunaniguel.org.
ANTI-NEPOTISM LAW PASSED The city council unanimously passed the much anticipated anti-nepotism law. Council Member Kelly Jennings and Mayor Gennawey had originally voted “no” to have it placed on the agenda for consideration, but then reversed their decision. The new law will not allow sitting council members to have their family members work for the city or serve on city boards and committees.  I support the new law.
MILITARY SUPPORT COMMITTEE At the April 5 city council meeting the council changed the way the military support committee functions, again. The main change they made is that the entire council will appoint/remove members to the committee via majority rules, instead of just the previous practice of the two advisory council members appointing/removing. Many committee members spoke in favor of having the committee members serve as Chair and Vice Chair like other city boards, but that effort failed. Council Member Fred Minagar stated he received multiple calls prior to the meeting against committee members running the committee and he was able to win over the majority of the council. 
CITY’S LAUNCHES ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT SITE: https://www.lagunaniguelbusiness.com/
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