Elected Officials

Aliso Viejo Mayor Tiffany Ackley

Aliso Viejo Council Member Ross Chun

Aliso Viejo Council Member Richard Hurt

Buena Park Council Member Susan Sonne

San Clemente Council Member Chris Duncan

Irvine Mayor Farrah Khan

Irvine Council Member Mary Ann Gaido (ret.)

Community Leaders

Michino Gustafson

Tahera Christy

Patricia Davis

Joe Davis, Laguna Niguel’s first Chief of Police Services, Orange County Sheriff

Jill and Doug Dufau

Amy Packer

Shani Moslehi

Mike Moodian

Huma Sulaiman

Jackie Beaumont

Doug & Pam Carrie

Mark & Sue Mendizza

Agnes McGlone Swanson

Melissa Pearl

Dr. Rocky Cifone

John & Sara Harms

Randy & Melody Gleckman

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Endorse Stephanie Oddo
"Stephanie saw the need early on for masks in our community. Her leadership was not only swift and compassionate, but saved lives. As a pediatrician in this community, I appreciate and admire her efforts."

- Dr. Jacqueline Winklemann