December Newsletter

December 2021– 
Wishing everyone a healthy and happy holiday season! As we move forward into the New Year, I am grateful for our beautiful city and the gift of knowing so many people here. Campaigning is both energizing and joyful and the best part of it, is you.
ATTORNEY TO DRAW UP ANTI-NEPOTISM ORDINANCE Attorney Ennis will move forward with drawing up an anti-nepotism ordinance that addresses both staff hires and commission appointments. The council ultimately decided, after some contentious debate and a lot of community input, that an anti-nepotism ordinance was needed.
COUNCIL MEMBER SHARMA ACKNOWLEDGES CLOSED DOOR GOVERNMENT. At the November 16 council meeting, Sharma acknowledges what many insiders already know, stating, “Some of the comments that have been brought to me have been – ‘How dare you have the temerity to bring something like this to the community, we have a long tradition here of doing everything like this behind close doors.’ – That causes another problem.” In the State of California, public meetings are governed by the Brown Act which makes it illegal to discuss city businesses behind close doors with multiple council members. 

ELAINE GENNAWAY VOTED IN AS MAYOR, SANDY RAINS AS MAYOR PRO TEM As expected, Mayor Pro Tem Elaine Gennaway was voted in as Mayor at the November 16 city council meeting and Sandy Rains was voted in as Mayor Pro Tem.
NEWLY APPOINTED MAYOR ELAINE GENNAWAY OUTLINES PRIORITIES AT DEC 7 MEETING.  Mayor Gennaway included in her priorities, “opportunities for the highest and best use of land in our city.” She will also be starting a “Volunteer of the Month” program and recognize each recipient at a city council meeting.
NEW DISTRICTS TO BE DRAWN UP Every ten years new districts for federal, state and local county government are redrawn to address the new Census results. New districts will be announced at the end of the year, however County districts are finalized. Board Supervisor Lisa Bartlett is termed out in the 5th District. However, Supervisor Katrina Foley of Costa Mesa is the new incumbent Supervisor representing Laguna Niguel. She will run in a June 2022 primary for the newly created district seat.

Let’s Move Laguna Niguel Forward Together,